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What type of website do you need?

Every site can have a unique combination of features and purpose. Giving a fixed price to every type of website can result most of the times in an overkill. Since our motto is cost-efficiency, we like to adapt to make the most out of every client’s budget.

However, we understand the need to have a basic estimate so here’s the starting point for the most common features in a typical website:

Landing page

Starting at $450 USD

  • One page of content (no internal links).
  • Concise and straightforward information.
  • It usually aims to get some kind of action from visitor (like filling a form).
  • Perfect to start your presence online. Scalable in time.

Standard Site

Starting at $700 USD

  • Typically includes around 5 different pages (like “Home”, “About us”, “Services”, “Gallery”, “Contact”).
  • Ideal to provide more detailed and structured information.
  • Flexible and scalable to achieve any type of goal.
  • Blog can be included.

Ecommerce / Dynamic

Starting at $900 USD

  • Online stores, catalogues,  dynamic content for Listings, Directories, Rentals, Bookings, Appointments and pretty much anything a business might need.
  • Ideal for Shops, Real Estate, Hotels, Tours, Doctors Appointments, Hotel Bookings and more.

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Hey! I'm Beto

I’ve been building websites professionally for more than 15 years, helping a wide range of clients of all sizes in different countries.

My two biggest core values have always been:

Over the years I’ve met talented people that share the same principles and are who I come to when a project needs all hands on deck.

Jean Pierre
Graphic Designer
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What technologies are used to build the websites?

Generally we use WordPress with a combination of Elementor Pro and the suite of Crocoblock (soon we will add Bricks too). For Hosting we recommend Siteground or Hostinger. 

Yes! You will receive a training session to learn how to use and edit your website!

Variables like the type of design, number of revisions, need for additional stages of development (like marketing research, UX/UI), complex features, special needs with third party software, time for delivery, need for creating or editing additional assets (like logo, photos or illustrations), need for specific hosting or email accounts, and more.

It depends on the needs of your project, but usually the basic maintenance plan is paid annually. This includes can include hosting, tech support and general upkeep for example.

Yes you can! Let us know you’re interested in getting email accounts and we can guide you through the best options that will fit best your needs.

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